In this video, I go over my process and show you how to mix background vocals to spice up your mix. This is one way as there are many ways to achieve great background vocals assuming you are starting with a good source, to begin with. The song I’m working on is called “River” which I co-wrote with the singer.

0:00 Intro
0:28 Quick Listen of Chorus on Track
1:02 Listening to the BGV’s in Solo with and without processing, panning and routing
2:22 Slate VMR Mix Rack processing
3:52 Giving the vocals clarity
4:22 Giving the vocals sheen – polishing the vocals
5:16 Pulling the vocals forward and gluing and adding excitement to the background vocals with the CLA2A from Waves
5:51 Using saturation on the vocals with the Sound Toys Decapitator
6:45 Adding width to the background vocals
7:38 Adding a hint of chorus on the bgv’s with the Sound Toys Microshift
8:00 Adding the vocal rider to level out any peaks
8:34 Adding Reverb using the Relab LX480
9:20 Adding delay/echo to the reverb using the H-Delay from Waves
10:48 Using the Fabfilter ProQ 3 for filtering of the reverb and delay tone
11:30 Listen in context with the mix with and without processing

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– Fergie