How to Mix Southern Rock, Country Background Vocals

In this video, I go over my process and show you how to mix background vocals to spice up your mix. This is one way as there are many ways to achieve great background vocals assuming you are starting with a good source, to begin with. The song I’m working on is called “River” which I co-wrote with the singer.

0:00 Intro
0:28 Quick Listen of Chorus on Track
1:02 Listening to the BGV’s in Solo with and without processing, panning and routing
2:22 Slate VMR Mix Rack processing
3:52 Giving the vocals clarity
4:22 Giving the vocals sheen – polishing the vocals
5:16 Pulling the vocals forward and gluing and adding excitement to the background vocals with the CLA2A from Waves
5:51 Using saturation on the vocals with the Sound Toys Decapitator
6:45 Adding width to the background vocals
7:38 Adding a hint of chorus on the bgv’s with the Sound Toys Microshift
8:00 Adding the vocal rider to level out any peaks
8:34 Adding Reverb using the Relab LX480
9:20 Adding delay/echo to the reverb using the H-Delay from Waves
10:48 Using the Fabfilter ProQ 3 for filtering of the reverb and delay tone
11:30 Listen in context with the mix with and without processing

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– Fergie


Kelly Clarkson Since U Been Gone Isolated Vocal Track, Drum Tracks, Serban Ghenea Mix Session

In this video, we listen to the isolated tracks on a pop hit from the mid-2000s and hear the raw captured sounds of this mix. Also, gain ideas on production and building up a song. The isolated vocal track of Kelly Clarkson is amazing and the harmony parts are over the top awesome. Listen to this Pro Tools session and see what a Serban Ghenea looks and sounds like.

This is not a Rick Beato, what makes this song great, but rather a review of the tracked drums, bass, guitar, and vocals to see what’s possible and or give you a goal to attain and shoot for if this fits your style of music.

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Mixing Blues Rock Track – Drums – YouTube Live Stream Final Mix

In this video, I go over the final touches on this blues-rock track, in the style of Joe Bonamassa with a female singer, and the final mix from the live YouTube video I recently had done. This video details the drums and what I changed from the first video and how I got the sound I did. There will be separate videos for the bass guitar/electric guitars, vocals, vocal throws, keyboards, and automation.

Audio files will be available until March 15th listed here. When you enter your email you’ll a download link window will pop up.

Leave a comment on how you approach your drums.

Thank you for tuning in!

00:00 Before and After Drum Sound
00:45 Welcome – Introduction
01:35 Listening to the intro, verse, and first chorus sample of the finished song
03:44 Overall Drum Sound in Solo Mode
04:35 Kick Drum Processing
15:04 Snare Drum Processing
19:25 Room Mic Processing
22:00 Drum Bus Parallel Channel Processing
24:50 Reverb on Snare Drum
25:44 Closing thoughts Thank You!

Vocal Mixing

In this video I show you how several small steps can create a huge vocal without being harsh or annoying to listen to. Get that vocal to sit in the mix just perfectly and not to loud where it’s separate from the mix or to low where it’s buried in the mix. Plugins used on the vocal are the Waves Schepps 73, Slate Digital VCC Vintage Console Channels, Chris Lord Alge compressor plugins CLA-3A and the IK Multimedia TRacks CSR Plate Reverb.