5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom in Pro Tools

In this video, I will show you 5 keyboard shortcuts in Pro Tools to
1) Adjust Track Height with Keyboard Shortcut
2) Horizontal Zoom
3) Quickly Show Session Length
4) Adjust Wav Height or “Amplitude” and reset to the original view
5) Quickly find the cursor when at another part of the song.

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How to Audition Clips in Pro Tools

In this video, I will show you 2 ways how to audition clips in Pro Tools. I will show you why you would in some of your sessions. This should make your search much easier hearing what the clip sounds like before bringing it into the edit window.

Color Coding Tracks in Pro Tools and Why You Should Do It

Color Coding Track in Pro Tools and why you should do it! Be more efficient, have a faster workflow that saves you time and effort during the mix phase. Putting best practices mixing and recording, like color-coding your tracks, will help you look more professional with your clients and the time it takes you to complete a mix. Would love to hear what you do for efficiency and workflow on your session. Thank you so much for watching.


How to Get Hard Hitting Punchy Rock Drums

In this video, I’ll go over how to get that hard-hitting punchy rock drum sound you hear from commercial rock bands. All done in a home studio without using any drum replacers and inexpensive mics. I would love to hear how you obtain punchy drums on your recording. Thanks so much for stopping by today and would love it if you’d subscribe. Bret Ferguson @ Recording Crave


Plugin Bypass Shortcuts

How to bypass all plugins on a single channel at once. Very cool Pro Tools 11 Short Cut. Now you can compare your before and after of your original recorded sound to the sound, you have with the plugins.