Kelly Clarkson Since U Been Gone Isolated Vocal Track, Drum Tracks, Serban Ghenea Mix Session

In this video, we listen to the isolated tracks on a pop hit from the mid-2000s and hear the raw captured sounds of this mix. Also, gain ideas on production and building up a song. The isolated vocal track of Kelly Clarkson is amazing and the harmony parts are over the top awesome. Listen to this Pro Tools session and see what a Serban Ghenea looks and sounds like.

This is not a Rick Beato, what makes this song great, but rather a review of the tracked drums, bass, guitar, and vocals to see what’s possible and or give you a goal to attain and shoot for if this fits your style of music.

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Mixing Blues Rock Track – Drums – YouTube Live Stream Final Mix

In this video, I go over the final touches on this blues-rock track, in the style of Joe Bonamassa with a female singer, and the final mix from the live YouTube video I recently had done. This video details the drums and what I changed from the first video and how I got the sound I did. There will be separate videos for the bass guitar/electric guitars, vocals, vocal throws, keyboards, and automation.

Audio files will be available until March 15th listed here. When you enter your email you’ll a download link window will pop up.

Leave a comment on how you approach your drums.

Thank you for tuning in!

00:00 Before and After Drum Sound
00:45 Welcome – Introduction
01:35 Listening to the intro, verse, and first chorus sample of the finished song
03:44 Overall Drum Sound in Solo Mode
04:35 Kick Drum Processing
15:04 Snare Drum Processing
19:25 Room Mic Processing
22:00 Drum Bus Parallel Channel Processing
24:50 Reverb on Snare Drum
25:44 Closing thoughts Thank You!

Mixing Rock – Mix Session Edited From Live Stream Audio Files Available

This is the edited live stream from the previous week, editing out all of the glitches at the intro and un-needed material to move the mix along a bit faster. The video will be chaptered for your convenience. The audio files are available for mixing at the link below.

Song “Gunsmoke” by My Revolution ( By Bret Ferguson & Tara Faber ©2016)

0:00 Introduction

3:28 Comments and Objectives

4:35 Raw session preview

5:18 Resetting Fader Positions

5:51 Drums

8:27 Bass and Guitars

9:00 Vocals

11:00 Drums adding Plugins

25:56 Drum Bus Procession

27:15 Reverb on Drums

31:08 Bass Processing

35:05 Revisit Drums Hi-Hat and Tom Reverb

38:09 Guitar Processing

43:36 Guitar Bus Processing

44:45 Vocals

51:52 Vocal Reverb and Delay

1:05:00 Special Effects

1:11:36 Keys Procession

1:14:47 Vocal Bus Processing

1:17:43 Guitar Solo

1:23:37 Master Bus Processing

1:25:57 Review Current Mix

1:35:17 Additional Bus Processing

1:39:17 Add Guitar Processing

1:41:00 Final Thoughts and Video Number 2 to Come

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How to Quickly Bounce Out Tracks In Pro Tools Processed or Unprocessed

In this video, I will show you how to quickly bounce out all or some individual channels at one time in pro tools. Processed or unprocessed. Super simple and super fast. No more soloing channels to bounce out drums or whatever it is you need individual channels for. In Pro Tools 2020 it’s super fast and simple.


Record Enable All Of Your Channels In Pro Tools

In this video, I will show you how to record enable all of your tracks at once with one click. I also show you how to change your WAV view/mode to volume view/mode with one click as well as muting and soloing all channels with one click.





How to Bypass All of Your Plugins in a Pro Tools session W/One Click! + other Pro Tools Shortcuts.

In this video, I show you how to bypass all of your plugins in your session with one click and a few other shortcuts that you will use over and over again. When doing this shortcut you need to start on the top plugin row to bypass all plugins. Going down to the second row will bypass the 2nd row and everything below but leaving row one on.

Time Stamp:
0:00 Intro
0:35 Previous way I bypassed all plugins in Pro Tools
1:25 How to bypass all plugins in Pro Tools with one click
3:20 Bypassing all plugins in one row only across the session
4:07 Adjusting all track heights at once with mouse and hold alt on keyboard
5:18 Zooming in and out of session by scrolling with the mouse shortcut
6:03 Adjusting amplitude height of WAV file with apple mouse