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Plugin Bypass Shortcuts

How to bypass all plugins on a single channel at once. Very cool Pro Tools 11 Short Cut. Now you can compare your before and after of your original recorded sound to the sound, you have with the plugins.


Dialing in a Mix with the Chris Lord Alge Signature Series Plugins

When Eq and compression isn’t working in your mix, sometimes you need to try other things. In this video I show you how I used the Chris Lord Alge Signature Series Plugins to dial in a mix. I show you how to get a clear sound in your mix and how to get a big mix.


Pro Tools Short Cuts – Deleting Multiple Plugins at Once and Routing Tips

A handful of shortcuts for pro tools users that will help you speed up your workflow. The last shortcut on the video (at 5:35) shows you how to delete a whole row of plugins at once allowing you to start a fresh mix if needed. Other shortcuts are showing you how to bypass multiple plugins at once, how to send multiple channels to a buss/aux, how to copy and duplicate a plugin to another channel. Quick and easy shortcuts in pro tools.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • How to copy plugins and it’s parameters from one channel to another
  • How to have several plugin windows open at once
  • How to bypass an entire row of plugins with one click
  • How to send several channels to an aux channel at once
  • How to delete all your plugins from your project in 5 seconds