Getting a Bigger Guitar Sound

How to get a bigger guitar sound by using 2 guitars a 57 and a ribbon mic. Layering electric guitar parts for more weight, depth, and dimension to the existing parts. I’m not adding parts to just add more tracks, it does have a purpose, adding depth and texture.

I’ll be micing and recording my Marshall JCM800 100 Watt Amp with a 4X12 Marshall Cabinet. Mics I’ll be using are the Shure SM57 and the Sterling ST170 Ribbon Mic.

Song: Crazy Love
By: My Revolution
Words and Music by: B Ferguson/T Faber

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Session Guitarist Playing for the Song

In this video, I go over session guitarist work and playing the right parts that work for the song. When recording guitar parts I always take the approach of what’s best for the song, can I put a “hook” guitar part in that will be memorable? Is what I’m doing enhancing the song or taking away from it?