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Producing Music – Getting Ideas and Inspiration

Sometimes writing songs and producing songs can be difficult. Sometimes you run out of ideas and feel like you have writer’s block and nothing is happening. In this video, I discuss how I had written a song only to realize it wasn’t working and had to re-produce the music to it to make it work. That was a challenge as at first, I wasn’t sure what to do. I explain in this video what I did to get unstuck and write a song that I was happy with. Thanks for watching!


Plugin Bypass Shortcuts

How to bypass all plugins on a single channel at once. Very cool Pro Tools 11 Short Cut. Now you can compare your before and after of your original recorded sound to the sound, you have with the plugins.


ilok error – License for this Product is not Running

If you’ve ever gotten this iLok error you know how frustrating it can be “The software required to validate the license for this product is not running. Please reinstall the product or download and run the iLok License Manager installer here:”

This short video shows you how to fix this without restarting your computer.