Mixing Horns Vol 2

This is my second video on mixing horns/brass. I take you through the process of my approach to mixing horns starting from start to finish. Everything from eq, compression, panning, and reverb. Not only that, I will be doing an entire mix that on this song that will be uploaded in small segments to show you my approach to an entire mix. Thanks for watching and would love it if you’d subscribe. And please comment on what you might like or how you approach your horn mixing.


Mixing Horns 2 – Keys and Guitar

In this video we discuss and go over mixing and blending the keyboards and guitar into the mix. With so many instruments and voice all competing for the same frequency range I’ll go over a couple tricks I use to keep instruments in their own space. As always, thank you for watching!

Mixing Horns 2 – Drums and Bass

In this video, we go over the drum and bass processing for the Mixing Horns 2 video. We go into detail on the eq, compression, and reverb used. Taking the drums from dull to hot and spicy…..ok, maybe just hot.

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How to Audition Clips in Pro Tools

In this video, I will show you 2 ways how to audition clips in Pro Tools. I will show you why you would in some of your sessions. This should make your search much easier hearing what the clip sounds like before bringing it into the edit window.

Color Coding Tracks in Pro Tools and Why You Should Do It

Color Coding Track in Pro Tools and why you should do it! Be more efficient, have a faster workflow that saves you time and effort during the mix phase. Putting best practices mixing and recording, like color-coding your tracks, will help you look more professional with your clients and the time it takes you to complete a mix. Would love to hear what you do for efficiency and workflow on your session. Thank you so much for watching.