Mixing Stems VS Multi Tracks – Bob Clearmountain

On Instagram, Bob Clearmountain takes to video to accurately describe the difference between Multitracks vs Mixing Stems. He’s right. Stems (or mixing stems) are subgroups of tracks, typically a stereo track whereas Multitracks are individual tracks of a mix. It can be a tongue twister with all the “M’s” but think of “tracks” as individual channels/tracks and “stems” as groups of channels/tracks. I have made the mistake of saying “mix stems/mixing stems” as opposed to multitracks. Not the end of the world but it can be confusing when you want to know what you’re actually getting.

Recording A Choir 4 Tips To A Smooth Process

Recording a choir might seem a bit intimidating. There are some challenges that you have that you might not have in the studio. However, I go through a detailed plan of what I do and why I do what I do that you might find helpful if you have been thinking about recording choirs. It’s a great additional stream of income if you do a great job and are dependable. One huge benefit is that it doesn’t take a lot of equipment but you do have to prepare.

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