Mixing Stems VS Multi Tracks – Bob Clearmountain

On Instagram, Bob Clearmountain takes to video to accurately describe the difference between Multitracks vs Mixing Stems. He’s right. Stems (or mixing stems) are subgroups of tracks, typically a stereo track whereas Multitracks are individual tracks of a mix. It can be a tongue twister with all the “M’s” but think of “tracks” as individual channels/tracks and “stems” as groups of channels/tracks. I have made the mistake of saying “mix stems/mixing stems” as opposed to multitracks. Not the end of the world but it can be confusing when you want to know what you’re actually getting.

Mixing Horns 2 – Drums and Bass

In this video, we go over the drum and bass processing for the Mixing Horns 2 video. We go into detail on the eq, compression, and reverb used. Taking the drums from dull to hot and spicy…..ok, maybe just hot.

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How to Improve Your Mix With Saturation

Improve your mix using saturation. Using free and purchased plugins I will show you some common things you can do to improve your mixes. This is NOT a plugin review of the various plugins used.