David Bowie – Fame – Isolated Mix Stems – Mix Breakdown

Yesterday, January 8th, was David Bowie’s birthday, as well as Elvis’. Both singers were and still are influential to me. I am pleased to play these isolated tracks of David Bowie’s first #1 American hit, Fame. Bowie breaks into the funk with Carlos Alomar, Dennis Davis, Emir Ksasan, and the late John Lennon. The song was written by David Bowie, Carlos Alomar, and John Lennon inspired by a riff that Carlos would jam on with Bowie. All these details are mentioned by Bowie and Lennon in this video. Grab something to drink and sit back and enjoy listening to the isolated tracks of Fame.

00:00 Start
01:04 Bowie’s First #1 Hit – David Bowie and John Lennon Talking How it Came About
03:17 Musician Credits
03:48 Isolated Vocal Tracks
06:56 Isolated Acoustic Guitar Tracks with Some Electrics
11:22 Isolated Electric Guitars
15:37 Isolated Bass Tracks
20:00 Isolated Drum Tracks
25:00 All Instruments Intro Only

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Mixing Stems VS Multi Tracks – Bob Clearmountain

On Instagram, Bob Clearmountain takes to video to accurately describe the difference between Multitracks vs Mixing Stems. He’s right. Stems (or mixing stems) are subgroups of tracks, typically a stereo track whereas Multitracks are individual tracks of a mix. It can be a tongue twister with all the “M’s” but think of “tracks” as individual channels/tracks and “stems” as groups of channels/tracks. I have made the mistake of saying “mix stems/mixing stems” as opposed to multitracks. Not the end of the world but it can be confusing when you want to know what you’re actually getting.

Mixing Horns 2 – Drums and Bass

In this video, we go over the drum and bass processing for the Mixing Horns 2 video. We go into detail on the eq, compression, and reverb used. Taking the drums from dull to hot and spicy…..ok, maybe just hot.

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