Don’t Do This When Recording and Mixing a Choir – Learn From My Mistake,

I have another video on recording and mixing a choir. I go over my mic setup, running cables, interface, laptop, and a detailed mix review.

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0:54 Setup tour
2:11 Microphones
03:06 The Auditorium
04:26 Computer and Interface
05:54 Sound of choir backstage
06:15 Mixing the choir pre-processing sound
07:06 Processing the choir starting with Slate VMR classic mic emulation and the S-47F Mic
09:00 The Elysia alpha master compressor
10:21 The Elysia museq
11:35 SSL Bus Compressor
12:36 Pro Q3 Eq
13:11 Ozone 9 Eq, Imager and Maximizer
14:33 Reverb: Valhalla Vintage Verb and post eq on the reverb
17:48 Before and After comparison of Process and unprocessed mix
19:31 Revisiting the VMR classic mic S-47F before and after with all processing
20:30 Checklist of things to bring on a live recording session


– Fergie



Recording A Choir 4 Tips To A Smooth Process

Recording a choir might seem a bit intimidating. There are some challenges that you have that you might not have in the studio. However, I go through a detailed plan of what I do and why I do what I do that you might find helpful if you have been thinking about recording choirs. It’s a great additional stream of income if you do a great job and are dependable. One huge benefit is that it doesn’t take a lot of equipment but you do have to prepare.

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