Dialing in a Mix with the Chris Lord Alge Signature Series Plugins

When Eq and compression isn’t working in your mix, sometimes you need to try other things. In this video I show you how I used the Chris Lord Alge Signature Series Plugins to dial in a mix. I show you how to get a clear sound in your mix and how to get a big mix.


Vocal Mixing

In this video I show you how several small steps can create a huge vocal without being harsh or annoying to listen to. Get that vocal to sit in the mix just perfectly and not to loud where it’s separate from the mix or to low where it’s buried in the mix. Plugins used on the vocal are the Waves Schepps 73, Slate Digital VCC Vintage Console Channels, Chris Lord Alge compressor plugins CLA-3A and the IK Multimedia TRacks CSR Plate Reverb.


How to Get More Headroom When Mixing

Your faders are almost maxed out, your plugin gain staging, well, you may have not adjusted it while mixing. Your master fader is pegging and you keep on trying to adjust your level to no avail. I see this question on Forums on a regular basis and it’s really quite easy.

In less than 5 minutes I’ll show you how I get more headroom in my mixes and you can too.


Mixing Vocals – Vocal Mixing

How to mix killer vocals! In this video, we go from start to finish mixing vocals. We go through eqing vocals, using compression on vocals, using reverb and delay on vocals and even automating vocals. We go over it all! Taking your vocals to the next level doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a great singer, even inexpensive mics can sound good! Thank you so much for watching today.

– Fergie


Mixing Brass Instruments

In this video, I show you my approach to mixing Brass. Blending each instrument to each other is key to getting a great sound.  The other big factor first and foremost is working with great musicians as I have here.